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Quality and Safety Initiatives

Highest quality in the world

Quality and Safety Initiatives

Highest quality in the world

Based on the following basic policies, all employees work together to ensure excellence in quality and safety.
Quality Policy: "We earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers with the world's highest quality."
Food Safety Policy: "We put food safety as its number one priority and we arrive to earn our customers’ trust and satisfaction with the highest quality standards in the world."

Reliable Quality Assurance System

The basis for ensuring quality and safety lies in the awareness of each and individual employee.

Using the know-how accumulated over many years, we are taking every measure to ensure quality under the following systems.

Research and Technology Development Division

We have 80 years of history dealing with Alginate. Throughout this history, we have repeated immeasurable amounts of trials to meet various customers’ requests. As a result, we have established a product offering system that satisfies customers through achieving a fine-tuned product design. This is achieved through an interactive customer service experience and years of knowledge to provide tailored and specific resolutions to customer inquiries.

Quality Control Division

We perform a wide variety of tests every day that result in high accuracy. The Comprehensive Quality Control System is in place not only to test raw materials and products, but also to vigorously conduct process inspections, and monitoring and measurement of the manufacturing environment.

Quality Assurance Division

We are listening to and reflecting on the customers’ needs in our production and quality control. We make every effort to ensure quality in response to the changing circumstances of each day and focus on the latest regulations and trends in relevant industries such as food and pharmaceutical industries.

Efforts in Food Safety

We base all actions on our Food Safety Policy: " We earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers with the world's highest quality". We enforce strict regulations on factory workers, ensuring proper attire and actions, as well as strictly controlling the manufacturing and cleaning processes. Not only do we fulfill FSSC22000 (Higher international standard than that of ISO22000 which is the international standard in Food Safety Management Systems), our facilities follow FSMA guidelines and strive to deliver safe products to our customers.
By increasing automation in the new blending and packaging line to minimize direct human contact, we are able to prevent the accidental mixing of human foreign material (ie. human hair). Metal detectors are also set up to detect any metallic foreign bodies to ensure that our final products are shipped in the ideal state.
To prevent intentional contamination of foods, security cameras are installed to keep track of incoming traffic and prevent foreign intruders, as well as making sure to educate employees of our Food Defense plan.


▲ Automation in the new blending and packaging line

Quality of Raw Materials

In order to provide customers with confidence in our product, we are vigilant about managing the entire manufacturing process, from the onset of raw material procurement. For more than 30 years in Chile, we have been interacting with local seaweed suppliers. To obtain a stable, reliable, high-quality raw material, we deemed it necessary to get direct input from the local communities. Currently, we have invested in three local companies to procure quality seaweed using sustainable methods. We also collect information on materials other than seaweed from suppliers as necessary, and we evaluate and select based on appropriate standards.


In support of the quality assurance system based on global standards, we have obtained the following certifications (for details, please refer to the(certification page
●ISO9001: 2015, JIS Q 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems)
●FSSC22000 (Food Safety Management Systems)
Our alginate product is also used as a pharmaceutical ingredient. Some of the manufacturing processes for this specific purpose are operated under the current GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practice).


We support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Monitor and measure the manufacturing environment
  • Manage the entire manufacturing process, from the onset of raw material procurement

Environmental Policy

  • We create economic, environmental, and social value through dedication to our founding principle of “mottainai spirit.”
  • We protect seaweed from overexploitation through the effective utilization of drift seaweed and the stabilization of its supply chain.
  • We conduct green manufacturing through the minimization of our use of electricity, heat, water, and chemicals, and the maximization of our use of renewable energy.
  • We consider environmental conservation to be our top organizational priority and aim to continuously improve our efforts to achieve it.