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Contribution to local communities

We aim to be trusted by local communities

Contribution to local communities

We aim to be trusted by local communities

We believe that actively working on initiatives to contribute to the enrichment of everyone in the local community is an important mission.
We aim to expand our activities in Japan, Chile and around the world while staying true to this mission.

Contributions in Japan

Kimica’s donations to the improvement of social welfare, sponsorship of fireworks events, support to the “Hometown Tax Payment System”, and community service have contributed to the enrichment of the community in Futtsu city. Fumiyoshi Kasahara, our president and CEO, also has a voice as a member of the city's Management Reform Committee and continues to contribute to the fiscal consolidation of the city.
In order to assist the healthcare system that is being stretched out so thin during COVID-19 pandemic, we also donate to local infectious disease designated medical institutions. Kimica also supports the activities of generations young and old, by regularly visiting local high schools, holding classes, and actively hiring retired senior citizens. Kimica holds annual alumni meetings to show appreciation to our past and senior employees who were essential in building our foundation and also holds memorial events for those employees who passed away.

▲Kasahara Fumiyoshi (Kimica CEO) and Takahashi Kyoichi (Mayor of the Futtsu city)

▲ Volunteers during the city cleanup   

Contributions in Chile

Kimica established a manufacturing base in Chile, South America, rich in seaweed resources in 1988. To contribute to the security and safety of local communities, we, in cooperation with the Japanese embassy, donated an ambulance and a fire engine to the city of Paine, where the plant is located. The seaweed residue after extraction of alginic acid is a good soil conditioner containing abundant minerals. Kimica provides fertilizer, produced from the byproduct of the alginate refining process to farmers in Paine at close to no cost.
In recent years, water shortages due to reduced rainfall have become a social problem in Paine City. The impact is problematic for locals who rely on well water for drinking and domestic use. Kimica built a tank and is currently providing free drinking water to residents.

▲A fire engine donated to the city of Paine

▲An ambulance donated to the city of Paine

▲A tank providing a water to local residents

The price of marine algae rises and falls significantly due to changes in the supply-demand. As a result, Chilean fishermen have been forced to live an unstable life. Kimica is investing in two local seaweed collection companies to continuously purchase seaweeds from the fishermen despite the market conditions. This purchasing policy not only curbs speculative overexploitation of seaweeds but also stabilizes the income of fishermen, significantly improving their living standards.
We also comply with international child labor laws and confirm that children are not mobilized to collect seaweed.

Zero hunger through the United Nations World Food Program Association

We have been supporting the United Nations World Food Program (”WFP”) since 2012 as a council member of the Certified NPO. WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian organization, saving lives in emergencies and using food assistance to build a pathway to peace, stability and prosperity for people recovering from conflict, disasters and the impact of climate change.
This program has won 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for its efforts to combat hunger and improve conditions for peace in conflict areas.


We support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Make donations to the local community for the improvement of social welfare
  • Visit local high schools, holding science classes
  • Actively hiring retired senior citizens
  • Donate an ambulance and a fire engine to the city of Paine
  • Provide fertilizer to local community
  • Provide free drinking water to the local community
  • Stabilize the income of fishermen and improving their living standards
  • Support zero-hunger program as a council member of United Nations World Food Program