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Uronic acid, which is a constituent sugar of alginic acid, has one carboxyl group per unit with a high ion exchange property.
Binding with various cations generates unique alginate salts.
Alginic acid ion-exchanges not only with metal cations such as K+ but also with ammonium ions (NH4+) to make alginate salts.
Ammonium alginate, like sodium alginate, dissolves in cold and hot water to form a viscous aqueous solution, and gels when in contact with polyvalent cations such as Ca2+.
A characteristic of ammonium alginate is that it does not contain metal ions such as sodium so it has a low ash content.

In the industrial sector, it is effectively used as a binder that leaves no residue after combustion when materials are processed in the ceramic and steel industries.
In food applications using ammonium alginate, whilst having the thickening and gelling effects of sodium alginate, it is expected that by-product metal salts will not be produced after the gelation reaction.

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