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Alginate Blend


Selection Guide (Typical Products)

Food grade


Application Product Benefits
Milk Desserts M404 Easy to cook, heating not required
Bakery Fillings M406, M809A, M809B Enhances heat resistance, improves texture
Fondant / Icing M403 Reduces drying time, prevents cracking, less melting
Hamburger Steaks M406 Boosts yield, improves texture
Healthy Fat M409 Calorie and fat reduction
Ice Cream M301, M502 Produces rich, smooth texture
Sorbet M602, M702 Produces light texture, retains shape
Instant Jelly M407 Fast, easy preparation, heating not required
Meatballs M403 Improves heating, freezing and reheating tolerance, boosts yield
Meringue M708 Provides creamy foam
Meat Binding M402, M411 Restructured meat products
Whipped Cream M806 Boosts shape retention, prevents syneresis
Pasta / Noodles M602 Improves texture, improves workability
Bread M602, M605, M704 Increases volume, keeps shape

Industrial grade

KIMITEX - series

Viscosity (1% solution at 20℃)
3L 10 - 30 mPa・s
AL 60 - 120 mPa・s
AX-M 300 - 400 mPa・s

Products listed above are typical grades only and other grades are available.
Appropriate products would be proposed after consultation.

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