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Management Philosophy

As a pioneer in the manufacturing of alginate,we contribute to healthy and prosperous lifestyles worldwide with our unique technology.

Quality Policy & Food Safety Policy

We strive to uphold the world's highest quality and food safety standards, earning the trust and satisfaction of our customers through unwavering dedication.

Environmental Policy

  • We create economic, environmental, and social value through dedication to our founding principle of “mottainai spirit.”
  • We protect seaweed from overexploitation through the effective utilization of cast seaweed and the stabilization of its supply chain.
  • We conduct green manufacturing through the minimization of our use of electricity, heat, water, and chemicals, and the maximization of our use of renewable energy.
  • We consider environmental conservation to be our top organizational priority and aim to continuously improve our efforts to achieve it.

Labor Rights Policy

"Safety First"We provide employees with occupational health and safety education to create a workplace that is safe and conducive to well-being.

"Respect Others"We eliminate discrimination, harassment, child labor, and forced labor, respecting the human rights of all individuals involved in our business.
We value diversity and inclusion through dialogue with employees, business partners, and the local community.

"Think Big and Dare to Fail"Under appropriate labor conditions that comply with regulations, we evaluate and treat employees fairly, encouraging them to strive and challenge themselves, to develop and to demonstrate their abilities.

Ethical Policy

"Zero Tolerance for Dishonesty"We adhere to legal regulations and social ethics, disseminating accurate information.
We prohibit corrupt practices such as bribery, fraud, embezzlement, conflicts of interest, and fraudulent bidding.
To prevent leaks, tampering, and loss of information, we establish a clear management system and communicate responsibilities to employees for awareness and enlightenment.

Resource Procurement Policy

"Be Grateful to Nature"We inherit the tradition of utilizing cast seaweed as a raw material, stabilizing its supply chain to protect seaweed from the threat of overharvesting.
We communicate our environmental policy, labor rights policy, ethical policy, and this policy to suppliers, seeking their understanding and compliance.
We provide employees with occupational health and safety education to create a workplace that is safe and conducive to well-being.

The KIMICA spirit

  • Love Yourself, Love Your Family, and Love What You Do
    Accept yourself and recognize your value.
    Value your family and prioritize their happiness.
    Put your heart into our products as you would your own children.
  • Keep Your Promises
    Be trustworthy.
    Build trust by never breaking a promise.
  • Zero Tolerance for Dishonesty
    Be truthful.
    Promote honesty by discouraging deception and always share correct information.
  • Respect Others
    Be compassionate by practicing empathy and always treating others with sincerity.
  • Think Big and Dare to Fail
    Never underestimate our own potential and try to reach beyond your limit.
    What we can conceive, we can achieve.
  • Customer focused
    Customers always come first.
    Never affect customers through our unrest, instead aim to reform and overcome obstacles within the company.
  • Achieve More with Less
    Maximize results and execute tasks in a timely fashion. Be frugal but always remember to utilize investments to its full potential.
  • Corrective Action;
    Preventive Action
    Find long term solutions by uncovering the root cause of the problem. Eliminate the cause of future problem before it can happen.
  • Safety First
    Safety always comes first. Aim for both emotional and physical wellbeing.
    Be prepared for potential threats so that we can protect our community.
  • Be Grateful to Nature
    Make environmentally sustainable choices in your daily activities. Let's protect natural resources to protect our future.

Corporate Songs

KIMICA created the company songs in 2018, following the receipt of the “Courageous Management Award” organized by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We incorporated phrases gathered from our employees into lyrics, resulting in a song with a welcoming and friendly melody.


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