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Company History


Founder Fumio Kasahara established Kimitsu Chemical Institute, aiming to advance the chemical utilization of seaweed.

  1. Founder Fumio Kasahara

  2. In the 1940s

  3. Wooden Tank (diverted from soy sauce factory)

1942 Renamed Kimitsu Chemical Industries.
1946 Kimitsu Chemical Industries was incorporated and renamed as Kasahara Industries Co., Ltd.
1947 Renamed Kimitsu Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.

Received an excellent company award from the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.

  1. In the 1950s

1961 Received the Kanto Area Invention Award from the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation.
Founder Fumio Kasahara was awarded a Doctorate degree in Engineering by Tokyo University for his developments on Alginate.
1968 A Technical Assistance contract established with Lorenzo Soriano S.A. in Argentina.
1969 A Technical Assistance contract established with the Korean Agriculture and Fishing Industry Development Public Corporation and Korean Seaweed Process Co., Ltd.
1972 First Alginate plant in Japan constructed.
1973 Fumio Kasahara, PhD awarded “The Medal with Purple Ribbon”.
1983 Fumio Kasahara, PhD was awarded “The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette”.
1985 Sales of the spawn activator for mushrooms, “Kel-P” launched.
1986 Animals medicines manufacturing license acquired.
1987 Established Industrias Quimicas Kimitsu Chile Ltda., a production and marketing company in Chile.

An alginate manufacturing plant constructed and commenced operation in Chile.
Established Osaka Algin Co., Ltd., a marketing company in western Japan.

  1. Chile plant construction staff

  2. Chile plant

  3. Chile plant in the 1990s

  4. Chile plant in the 1990s

1993 A new PGA production line in Chiba plant, Japan commenced operation.
1994 A new production line for “Kel-P” started operating in Chiba plant, Japan.
1995 Celebrated the 50 years anniversary, also planned “Secondary Expansion”.

Established Alva, a seaweed cultivator / supplier in Chile.

  1. Alva, a seaweed cultivator

  2. Seaweed shipping

1999 A new PGA production line constructed in Chile plant.
2000 ISO 9002 certificate achieved.
2001 Renamed KIMICA Corporation on the occasion of its 60 years anniversary.
Established KIMICA America Inc., a marketing subsidiary in North America.

Further expanded the Chiba Plant, Japan.

  1. Chiba Plant

  2. First Factory Algin Line


ISO 9001 certificate achieved.
Relocated the head office of Osaka Algin Co., Ltd., from Chuo-ku, Osaka to Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.

  1. Head office of Osaka Algin Co., Ltd.

2004 Increased corporate capital to JP¥100,000,000.

Equity participation in M2 S.A., a seaweed cultivator / supplier in Chile.

  1. Equity participation in M2 S.A.


Equity participation in Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group Co., Ltd., one of the largest alginate manufactures in China.

  1. Signing ceremony with Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group Co., Ltd.

  2. Signing ceremony with Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group Co., Ltd.

2007 A pharmaceutical manufacturing license acquired.

New laboratory was built in Chiba Plant, Japan.

  1. New laboratory in Chiba Plant


Relocated the head office to Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

  1. New Tokyo head office

2013 Started Solar photoelectric generation in Chiba Plant, Japan.
Published “Best in the world” by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.

2014 FSSC22000 certificate achieved.
Established an API plant in Chiba Plant, Japan.
2015 Completed the Chiba Plant expansion.
Renamed KIMICA Chile Ltda to Alginatos Chile S.A. (Alchi).

Awarded 14th Brave business award by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Subsidiary acquisition Qingdao Bright Moon Marine Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. (current Qingdao KIMICA Bright Moon Marine Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.),concluded joint venture agreement with Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group Co., Ltd.


Relocated Alginatos Chile (Alchi) Santiago office to Antonio Varas.

  1. New Santiago office


Established KIMICA Europe GmbH in Germany.

  1. KIMICA Europe GmbH


Received JAPAN SDGs Award (SDGs Partnership Award) by the Japanese government

  1. with Prime Minister Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato, Foreign Minister Motegi

2021 Received ”TOKYO Telework Award” by the Governor of Tokyo.
President & CEO Fumiyoshi Kasahara received a Doctorate degree in Pharmacy from Takasaki University of Health and Welfare for his developments on Calcium Alginate.